ETR Publishes New Technical Assistance Toolkit

ETR Publishes New Technical Assistance Toolkit

May 20, 2014 – ETR has published The Effective Delivery of Technical Assistance: A Toolkit based on a review of the literature and feedback from focus groups. This document offers guidelines for the application of best practices in providing tailored technical assistance (TA) to support the work of professional development practitioners.

As a solution-focused organization, ETR uses science as the foundation for our professional development work to increase the likelihood of positively influencing health outcomes. Using a research base, professional development is consciously designed to lead to motivation, positive change and measurable improvement. The new Toolkit includes a set of guiding principles, a sample protocol for delivering effective TA, and information on how to document TA objectives and outcomes. Because the relationship between the TA provider and the client is at the heart of the TA process, the Toolkit also includes information on potential challenges and tips for smooth interactions.

ETR is committed to advancing the work of health, education and social services providers by providing TA solutions that work.

To learn more about ETR’s Technical Assistance offerings, please contact Debra Christopher, ETR’s Director of Professional and Organizational Development Services at

The Toolkit can be purchased through ETR’s online store here

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