ETR Launches Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Resource Center

ETR Associates has launched a new Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Resource Center to address the recently announced $114 million federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI). This initiative replaces the Community-Based Abstinence Education Program. TPPI will be administered by the newly authorized Office of Adolescent Health in the Office of the Secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services.

"The success of implementing pregnancy prevention education starts with selecting the right curriculum for the intended audience. ETR's TPPI Resource Center simplifies the selection process by putting all the information needed to make a curriculum decision in one spot, and by providing the resources to assist educators and organizations in writing a winning grant," said Matt McDowell, ETR's Vice President of Marketing and Communications. "With the help of our Research Department and partners, we've even been able to broaden the availability of research designed to assist educators in the selection and implementation process."

The ETR Associates Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Resource Center includes a handy product comparison grid for choosing ETR's award-winning, evidence-based sexual health programs; curriculum information pages with evidence summaries, sample lessons and helpful tools for program selection; a useful Q&A on the grant-writing process from ETR's own successful grant guru; as well as BDI logic models, white papers and much more.

For more information on ETR Associates, please contact Matt McDowell, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, at

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