ETR Associates’ Girl Game Company Students Win National Center for Women and Information Technology Award

Three high school students who participate in ETR Associates' technology programs will be honored by the National Center for Women and Information Technology for aspirations in the field of computing. Two of the students, Brianna Flores and Idzel Cano, are freshman at Watsonville High School in Northern California and have been involved in ETR Associates' programs since the 6th grade. As middle school students at Lakeview Elementary School, they were part of an after-school program called the Girl Game Company. This program provides girls in middle school an opportunity to build their skills and confidence in technology by developing computer games. As freshman, Brianna and Idzel were among the first students to participate in ETR Associates' Tech Teach program. This program works with high school students to help them teach computer literacy skills to elementary school students. Both the Girl Game Company and Tech Teach are funded by grants from the National Science Foundation. For more about the award announcement, see the following article:

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