ETR Associates’ California Clear Air Project Introduces New DVD Focusing on Secondhand Smoke

The California Clear Air Project (CCAP), an ETR Associates project focusing on secondhand smoke (SHS) policy development and enforcement, has produced a new DVD titled "Smoke-Free Living," currently showing on YouTube. The DVD includes interviews with medical practitioners, police and fire captains, elected officials, tenants, apartment managers and researchers, including ETR Associates' Dr. Neil Klepeis. "Smoke-Free Living" details the economic impact (for housing owners), physical dangers (fire and police), and overall health impact of SHS. The DVD will be distributed to all public health departments throughout the State of California.

"Smoke-Free Living" was designed by ETR Associates' CCAP project director Narinder Dhaliwal. Staff members Dian Kiser and Theresa Boschert wrote the scripts and managed the field interviews. Filming, editing and post-production were done by David Essary of Force4Digital based in Yuba City, California.

Go to: CCAP Website | YouTube Video

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