ETR Training of Trainers - Evidence-Based Programs - Fall 2016


Save the Date! ETR’s next Evidence-Based Programs (EBP) Training of Trainers (TOT) will be held in Denver, CO in the fall months of 2016. This event is a high-level professional learning process for qualified trainers who will be providing training and capacity-building assistance for EBP implementation. Those completing the TOT will receive a certificate and become eligible to train on one of five ETR-published EBPs: Draw the Line/Respect the Line (DTL/RTL), Reducing the Risk (RTR), Becoming A Responsible Teen (BART), All4You!, or Safer Choices.

ETR's TOT engages participants in a comprehensive, multi-day distributive learning process that builds the knowledge and skills required to effectively train educators to deliver evidence-based HIV, STD and/or pregnancy prevention programs for adolescents.  By the end of this process, participants will have the advanced skills needed to successfully train educators to implement their chosen EBP with a high degree of comfort and fidelity, using ETR’s research-based training design.

Please note that trainer candidates will be certified in only ONE program after completing this TOT. However, upon completion, they will be awarded an ETR TOT certificate that makes them eligible to attend condensed versions of the TOT for additional EBPs in the future.

Participant Prerequisites:

  1. (Mandatory) Participants attending any TOT must have completed an ETR-authorized Training of Educators (TOE) on the chosen EBP. (Example: Participants wishing to receive a certificate to train on RTR must have attended a TOE on RTR.)

    *Note: Authorized TOEs for Reducing the Risk include ETR’s in-person TOE, as well as RTRWorks!, a virtual RTR TOE. Find more information on how to register for RTRWorks! here.
  2. (Recommended) It’s highly recommended that trainer candidates attend the TOT only after they have had experience implementing their chosen EBP with youth.

Trainer candidates who complete all TOT requirements will receive:

  • An ETR TOT Certificate of Completion authorizing you to conduct TOEs using the ETR training design in your affiliate area.
  • A copy of ETR’s research-based training design for your chosen EBP.
  • Access to ETR’s dynamic trainer resource webpage specifically designed for certified trainers who have completed all TOT requirements.
  • Ongoing connection to a network of skilled trainers and ETR professional developers.