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About our LaClinica Training: This was not only a very helpful training but it also has been an enjoyable bonding/team building time for our team. Thanks!
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About our Social Network Strategy Training: I arrived not knowing a thing about SNS. Now I will use the tools throughout all projects and programs I work on.

In Honor of World AIDS Day 2013: 
Tabono CBA Releases the Retention Readiness Indicator Tool

The theme of this year's World AIDS Day is "Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS-Related Deaths." Tabono CBA honors the great work of HIV practitioners across the United States and all over the globe. To support getting to zero with how many HIV+ patients fall out of care, Tabono CBA developed the Retention Readiness Indicator Tool (RRIT). RRIT uses the latest research on why the most vulnerable populations fall out of care, and is intended to support HIV treatment teams in assessing their ability to screen for and counter these factors. By identifying the treatment team’s goals for a patient and assessing both individual and structural barriers to care, RRIT provides the opportunity for making evidence-based decisions with patients.

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Tabono CBA's "So What Now?!" webinar series introduces the RRIT as well as evaluation concepts critical to enhancing retention in HIV care. View these recordings on Tabono CBA's Spotlight page.