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What I like most about the lesson plans is that they really relate to kids, so I've had really good buy-in from the students. The sequence and pacing of the lessons are super teacher-friendly as well.

Cassidy Greif, MSEd, CHES, Classroom Instructor, Denver, Colorado

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Grade K-4

Each grade of K-4 is divided into 4 units (Personal & Family Health, Safety & Injury Prevention, Nutrition & Physical Activity, Tobacco & Alcohol Prevention). Lessons and activities within each unit build sequentially to provide the reinforcement and continuity that will support children’s efforts to think, choose and act in healthy ways.

Grade 5/6

Students in grades 5 and 6 are developing as individuals even as peer influence is becoming increasingly important. The instructional strategies for grades 5 and 6 have been designed to accommodate these developmental changes.

Middle School

Middle school students are attempting to establish themselves as individuals, and peers exert an important influence in that process. A careful emphasis on shaping peer norms that support healthy behaviors is a guiding principle of the middle school program.

High School

High school students are increasingly making independent decisions.They value social justice and actions that protect the health and safety of their community. Health advocacy is an important part of the high school program.